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Granite samples for kitchen countertops in Springville, UT

Granite Countertop Trend Alert

Ready to install stylish granite countertops? Well, look for the matchy-matchy no more. The latest trend in granite countertops is mixing and matching. Lending a quiet luxury to your kitchen or bathroom, this trend is what many of the young homebuyers are going for to achieve that effortless style and elegance.

When designers began introducing this style switch, it caught on fire! This trend is so fresh and innovative, that builders have started installing mixed countertops in elite, high-end model homes. Trust us, you will want to get on board with this look. How can you achieve this stylish mashup? Signature Marble and Granite has some ideas.

Mixing Granite Countertops

Mixing granite means using two or three different pieces of granite in the same area. This can be achieved in several different ways.

  • Use a bold choice for the main countertop area, then add a second countertop that is a lighter tone with a more understated pattern for the island, backsplash, and secondary countertops.
  • Use a bold pattern or strong statement piece for the island and then a more patterned granite for the surrounding countertops.
  • Use a bright color for the bar and a more subtle color for the surrounding countertops and/or the backsplash.

Mixing Granite and Quartz Countertops

Embraced by younger homebuyers, this enters another zone of mixing and matching. Using different materials is changing it up just a little bit more to buy into this trend. Here are some ideas for mixing granite and quartz.

  • Some designers like to create a kitchen island using granite and then add a quartz countertop.
  • Similarly, this trend is sometimes used with granite on the breakfast bar and creating a countertop and even an island that is quartz.
  • In the bathroom, using granite for customization of the bathtub and shower, but using quartz for the main countertops is typically the way to go.

Call Signature Marble and Granite

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your style while mixing and matching granite countertops. However, if you aren’t quite sure which direction to take with this up-to-the-minute trend, ask the experts. Our team is happy to help you design the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams with the latest ideas.