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Granite vs. Marble Countertops

If you want to modernize the countertops in your kitchen and bathroom, consider natural stone. It enhances the attractiveness of the space, comes in a variety of colors, can be made in almost any form or size, and blends seamlessly with any sort of home décor, making it adaptable to any type of home decor.

The most popular natural stone countertop options are granite and marble. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, so you simply have to choose the one that best suits your requirements and your budget. For instance, granite has a more raw aspect, whereas marble has an exquisite appearance. Both alternatives may be pricey, although marble is often more expensive.

Granite and marble countertops have a wide range of uses, and whether they are installed in a kitchen or bathroom, they may totally change the look of the area. Marble countertops may provide a feeling of luxury to your interiors since they are practical, incredibly durable, and aesthetically appealing. We will suggest a few of the natural stones we hand-selected for kitchen and bathroom countertops if you’re looking for design ideas for your house.

Although granite and marble have many things in common, their look and functionality are significantly different. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of the two most common stone countertop selections in more detail.

Granite vs Marble

Pros & Cons of Marble

Natural stones like marble and granite are extraordinarily robust and durable because they were formed over millions of years under intense pressure. This does not imply that the substance is impervious to damage. To prevent breaking or cracking during installation, it must be handled cautiously.

Marble is heat-resistant, which makes it a great choice for countertops in bathrooms, fireplaces, and kitchens. Because marble and granite are natural stones, they both absorb liquids like water, oil, alcohol, and more, resulting in discoloration. Marble has a smooth surface often striated with mineral veins and is metamorphic or sedimentary in nature. Some marbles are made of quartz, whereas others are made of the greenish mineral serpentine. The most common shades of commercial marble are black and white.


Different types of natural stone require varying amounts of upkeep, so homeowners should keep an eye on the state of their bathroom or kitchen countertops. In general, granite is more maintenance-free, stain-resistant, and durable than marble. If granite is adequately sealed after installation, water will bead on the surface. Every year, resealing should be carried out to provide a reliable and effective surface. Stone epoxy can be used to fix tiny chips or scratches. However, keep in mind that busy or industrious kitchens could require additional care.

A sealer made especially for porous stone surfaces should be used to completely and routinely preserve marble. Remember that marble is inherently susceptible to stains even when sealed, so be careful to wipe up accidents as soon as they occur. Lemon juice, tomato sauce, and other acidic liquids are harmful to marble and can etch into the stone.

The golden guideline for maintaining granite is to avoid using aggressive cleaners. In fact, we advise against using any form of cleaner since their chemical content might damage the granite’s gloss. You should keep anything with acid well away from your counters.

A Quick Glance at Granite

Granite is an igneous or metamorphic rock comprised of quartz, feldspar, mica, and silica, and usually has a packed, granular surface. Light to dark color that appears as specks, veins, or solid patterns. Granite tends to be more affordable and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is also incredibly durable and requires less maintenance to stay looking luxurious than marble. It’s also very heat-resistant, making it a great option if you love cooking and entertaining.

Installation Time and Preparation

Both marble and granite countertops are fitted in the same manner, beginning with a template being transferred to a slab, which is then cut to fit and completed. With silicone glue, the slab is placed (straight into cabinets or a plywood substrate). These stone slabs are difficult to handle, and holes for sinks and faucets must be cut. A specialist should carry out both tasks.

Durability and Lifespan

While it’s simple to assume that all stone is extraordinarily durable and practically unbreakable by nature, it’s crucial to understand the complete picture. Although granite and marble are both incredibly resilient, they must be sealed at least once a year to prevent liquids from slowly penetrating the stone. Although granite and marble are heat-resistant, you should always use caution (for example, avoid setting hot pots directly on the countertop surface). Marble is softer than granite, which resists nicks and scratches better.

Why Signature Marble and Granite?

We provide customers with stonework that is really a piece of art at Signature Marble and Granite in Northern Utah. We have been in operation for more than seven years. During that period, our staff has observed how a meticulously made countertop or sink can unite a home and a family. Other contractors take shortcuts to save time and money. Not at our company. By giving our clients the best possible job, we do the right thing for them. We carry out tasks as they should be. We also work hard to make every customer’s experience as enjoyable as possible. When you work with us on a project, you join the design team.

The best marble artisans in Northern Utah work for Signature Marble and Granite. Doing the right thing for the client is our team’s top priority. Therefore, we collaborate with customers to create marble countertops. We construct marble slabs fresh from the quarry and provide customers the option to accompany us to choose their slab of stone. Depending on the size and shape that our customers need, we cut and shape the marble. We appreciate coming up with original answers to whatever issues occur. Anything that stands in the way of us building a customer’s ideal kitchen will not deter us.

If you have any additional questions about granite or marble for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team. We look forward to working for you.

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