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Stunning Porcelain Fixtures for Everyone in Northern Utah

Signature Marble And Granite makes custom porcelain fixtures from bathtubs and showers to sinks and countertops. Porcelain creates a clean appearance while being one of the more affordable materials. Custom porcelain fixtures bring a familiar beauty to bathrooms and make cleaning the kitchen a breeze. With our team of marvelous craftsmen, designing and installing a custom porcelain fixture is a delightful and satisfying experience for customers. We remove the stress of a build or renovation by advising customers and managing projects. At the same time, we team up with customers in a cooperative fashion to ensure the final product looks just like it did when they imagined it.

Don’t Overlook the Benefits of a Porcelain Countertop

Many people, including other contractors, overlook the benefits of using porcelain as a surface for a countertop. For most daily use, porcelain is comparable in toughness and durability to marble and granite. On top of that, porcelain is generally more cost-effective than marble or granite. It is one of the least absorbent types of stone, making it stain-resistant and nearly impervious to water damage. The smooth white or off-white textures create a fresh atmosphere in any bathroom or kitchen. The Signature Marble and Granite team has a breadth of experience fabricating and installing porcelain countertops.

Signature Marble And Granite’s Custom Porcelain Tiling

One of the best uses for porcelain is tiling. When choosing a material that will cover the floor of an entire room, budget is often a serious consideration. Porcelain works exceptionally well for tiling work. It is also among the most affordable options, especially after factoring its long-term durability into the equation. Porcelain also has a higher resistance to both heat and frost, making it a perfect choice for outdoor tiling. People often tile entire walls or backsplashes with porcelain. This approach causes a room to feel bright and opulent.  Whatever type of porcelain tiling a customer imagines, the Signature Marble And Granite team is ready to manage the project from start to finish.

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