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About Us

At Signature Marble And Granite in Northern Utah, we furnish clients with stonework that is truly a work of art. We have been in business for over seven years. In that time, our team has seen how a fastidiously crafted countertop or sink can tie a household and a family together. Other contractors cut corners to save themselves time and money. We don’t do that. We do the right thing for our customers by providing them with the highest quality of work. We do a job the way it is supposed to be done. At the same time, we strive to give every customer the most pleasant experience. When you choose us for a project, you become a member of the design team. We can help design your dream kitchen or bathroom and make it a reality.

Our Mission to Raise the Industry Standard

Our mission is to raise the industry standard by providing each customer with meticulous work tailored to their needs and vision. No one knows the importance of first-class stonework more than Signature Marble And Granite. The value of making homes more beautiful is enormous. Additionally, a properly installed fixture can last the lifetime of a home. We say that we are raising the industry standard because we are aware that unpleasant experiences with contractors have scarred many people. So, we made it our mission to give our customers service that makes them comfortable and ultimately satisfied.

Giving Back to Northern Utah Families

Our team understands we have a duty to give back to the community in which we live. We endeavor to use our expert craftsmanship, developed over years of practice to contribute to the underserved. Not everyone can afford the magnificent marble and granite fixtures we fabricate and install. So, we donate labor to the Little Miracles Project, an organization that gives back to families in need. Our work there has been gratifying. As a part of the organization, we help provide families a beautiful new home by collaborating with other contractors. This is just one of the many ways Signature Marble And Granite works to make the world around us a better place.


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