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Bullnose granite countertop edge in a Springville, UT kitchen.Granite countertops are the best! They’re versatile, scratch-resistant, eco-friendly, heat-tolerant, and easy to clean. They’re also beautiful, and elegant, and each design is unique. They lend a look of quiet luxury to any space, whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, or patio.

So now that you’ve decided on granite, how do you choose the style you want? One aspect of this style is the edge. At Signature Marble and Granite we create the most high-quality edge designs on the market. There are several types of edges to choose from. Let’s explore the options.


The most common choice for granite countertop edges, bullnose edges come in several different forms. Bullnose essentially means rounded at the top and flat at the bottom. Half bullnose is less rounded on the top than full bullnose and demi bullnose is even less rounded than half bullnose. Bullnose is so common because it lends warmth to the environment.


Round top is another popular choice. It’s a bit of a simpler choice than bullnose with just a simple rounding of the top and a flat bottom. It comes in several options, including 1/8”, 3/8”, and 3/16”.


The two types of ogee edges, traditional ogee and radius ogee are both a more concave cut, that curves out from the dip down and then goes down to a flat bottom. It’s a look for a slightly more formal setting. It’s used typically in kitchens for a traditional look.


A bevelled edge is a sharper corner. It comes in a 1/8” bevel, a ¼” bevel, or a 3/8’ bevel. It creates a slightly more dramatic look to the beautiful granite.


This type of countertop edge is exactly how it sounds. It has several rippled edges going over the side. It creates a very formal look that is used in higher-end kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Call Signature Marble and Granite

There are many beautiful styles of countertops and any of these can be added to your gorgeous custom countertops. For the best advice on how to choose which edge is the best for your look, contact the experts at Signature Marble and Granite. They can help you procure the countertops of your dreams and design a unique look that fits your style.